Delicious Means Bakefairy

Food is not just for sustenance for the body, it must also taste pleasant and looks tempting to eat.

Black Forest Cake

Layers of chocolate sponge cake with cherry compote in the between, iced with vanilla buttercream, and topped with cherry

Double Chocolate Doughnut

Our signature doughnut, glazed with chocolate ganache and topped with chocolate shavings

Elvis Cupcake

A Banana cupcake with peanut butter buttercream frosting, topped with candied bacon

Our Popular Items

These are our best sellers and popular items. It doesn’t just looks great, it also tastes heavenly

Nothing is Tastier After You Get Our Items

We are innovative and adventurous when it comes to our desserts and pastries. We combine the classics with new and bold flavours that would complement the flavours together.

We also use seasonal and locally grown produce to help with the farmers and sellers in our local community.

Providing foods that can make you reminisce the flavour you love before and be amazed with the new twist that you will learn to love!

Making your Christmas cake in
September is perfect.

Our Awesome Team

Listed below are the key people that are behind our great creations and tasty fare

Videl Jaco

Head Chef

Whisrus Vados


Jordan Barrien


Michael Lei

Head Chief

What People Say

These are some of the feedbacks from our valued customers


Joseph Jordan / Italy

Aesthetic and colorful platters of food that looks like a picture in a magazine!

King Bradley / France

Creamy and sugary treats that can make your mouth water.

Armando Valendez / Spain

Wholesome and innovative baked goods. I just can't get enough!

Winry Rockbell / New York

Flavorful and succulent dishes that will leave a mark! Thanks Bakefairy!

Roy Mustang / Germany

I was inspired to create new dishes with the help of bakefairy!

Anthony Hopkins / England

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